Modernizing Food Safety With An iPad App From Sample6

 CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwired - Sep 29, 2015) - Food safety innovator Sample6[1] today announced the launch of an easy-to-use CONTROL™ iOS application[2] to address the needs of today's workers and give food companies a way to equip their staff with all of the safety testing data they need on the fly.

Food companies need to give quality and safety personnel access to test data on the warehouse floor and anywhere in the facility -- not just when they are at their desks. The new Sample6 CONTROL™ Basic iPad app allows users to rapidly create test points and delivers the rich testing data users need to quickly find and correct potential safety concerns.

"With FSMA on the horizon, demand for proactive pathogen detection and remediation is rising. Food companies are trying to find and correct any potential safety concerns before their products enter the food chain while trying to keep up with mass consumerization in the workplace," said Sample6 CEO Tim Curran[3]. "We are helping the food industry respond to increasing regulatory pressures, while doing our part to secure the global food chain. Sample6 delivers the absolute simplest, fastest, most advanced way to detect harmful pathogens and prevent massive recalls or illness outbreaks -- saving some compliance headaches along the way."

Fully integrated with the CONTROL web application, the mobile app clearly displays testing results, schedule status, as well as the ability to generate and collect testing schedules. Its flexible, user-friendly interface also proactively prompts users, flags issues and detects conditions to reduce common errors.

"Sample6 is setting a new standard for food safety programs. We have been floored by how much faster and simpler pathogen detection is with Sample6. However, the iPad app will further streamline our proactive food safety efforts and make the testing and reporting process even more intuitive," noted Tiffany Ptaszkiewicz, Manager of Food Safety and Quality, Norpaco.

To learn more, download the Control Basic Guide.[4]

About Sample6
Sample6 is making food safer by delivering two powerful tools to the food industry, Sample6 DETECT™ and Sample6 CONTROL™. Sample6 DETECT is an enrichment-free, on-site, in-shift pathogen diagnostic. This advancement paired with powerful analytics from Sample6 CONTROL will shift food safety from reaction to prevention, which is the primary goal of the FSMA and HAACP initiatives in the United States. Food processors from meat, seafood, dairy, produce, dry goods have already partnered with Sample6 in order to integrate these revolutionary products into their plants. For more information, please visit[5].


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