Barcoding, Inc Hosts Its Fifth Annual Conference

jaywithkeyboxBarcoding, Inc had its 5th annual executive forum at the M&T Bank Stadium last Thursday and was host to over 450 attendees.   The event featured a keynote by Gerry Sandusky, the Voice of the Baltimore Ravens.  Sandusky spoke about how to measure winning, and approach change in the business world.  
(Founder Jay Steinmetz is shown with a new key locker system)
Participating vendors included Motorola, Zebra Technologies, Smartrac, RR Donnelley, and a dozen others.
Some interesting RFID facts: 
* There are currently 4.5 billion passive RFID tags in use.  
*  RFID is projected to grow at 35 percent per year.   
*  RFID is a ten billion dollar niche and projected to grow to 35 billion by 2020. 
Seminar sessions included: 
Tracking Healthcare patients and providers using RFID
Challenges in Implementing Enterprise Asset Management Systems
Driver Productivity - Where the rubber meets the road
Security Architecture for small branch and IoT. 
CFO Perspective on Best Practices for Deployment 
Mobile Analytics - uncovering Root Causes that are limiting deployment
and more.
barcoding1Speakers included:
·         Mike Allen, strategic account manager, B2M Solutions – Mobility Analytics: Uncovering the Root Causes that are Limiting Your Mobile Deployment
·         Carrie Angelico, senior RFID business development manager, Zebra Technologies – Panel Discussion: RFID Comes of Age
·         Ted Danhauser, vice president of industry sales, North America, Smartrac Technology Group – Panel Discussion: RFID Comes of Age
·         Jeffery Gillis, CFO, Barcoding, Inc. – CFO Perspective: Best Practices for Technology Deployment, Adoption and Retention
·         Steve Herbst, director of design experience, Honeywell – Winning Experiences: Delivering Better Solutions through Outcome-Driven Design
·         Jackie Luo, CEO, E-ISG Asset Intelligence – The Key Challenges in Implementing Enterprise Asset Management Systems
·         Jack Nosek, lead software engineer, Barcoding, Inc. – Post Windows Mobile: New Application Development Platforms
·         Tom O'Boyle, director of RFID, Barcoding, Inc. – Panel Discussion: RFID Comes of Age (Moderator)
·         Kerry Ogata, Windows partner technology advisor, Microsoft – Microsoft Handheld Strategy with Windows 10
·         Peter Ragusa, CEO, Better Day™ Health – Tracking Healthcare Patients & Providers Using RFID
·         Chase Sowden, supply chain architect, Barcoding, Inc. – Continuous Improvement Program Workshop
·         James Wee, vice president, Descartes Systems Group – Driver Productivity: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
·         Joe White, vice president and general manager, enterprise mobile computing, Zebra Technologies – IoT Advantage
·         McLeod Williamson, RFID business development, RR Donnelley – Panel Discussion: RFID Comes of Age
·         Kent Woodruff, CSO, Cradlepoint– Security Architecture for Small Branch and IoT
Barcoding also promoted it’s new website -
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