Showing microSD Value for Mobile Payment at Cartes Secure Connexions 2015

SAN RAMON, CA and PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwired - November 13, 2015) - BOOTH 4N090 -The SD Association (SDA), a global ecosystem of companies setting industry-leading memory card standards, will demonstrate at Cartes Secure Connexions how microSD memory cards are the industry's best solution to create secure mobile apps that protect both user identity and server credentials, exploring applications for near-field communications (NFC) and Host Card Emulators (HCE), FIDO authentication, and contactless payment.

The tiny microSD memory card, which marks its 10th anniversary this year, will illustrate some of the most exciting and secure payment and authentication options in a series of demonstrations using smartSD techology.

microSD as the Secure Element

smartSD enables a secure element for HCE providing certified security in various implementations with minimized compromise of HCE benefits. smartSD leverages native NFC, eliminating the cost of embedding an antenna into a microSD memory card. It simplifies and lowers the cost of operations, takes advantage of HCE with established app store distribution and provides security for the app -- ensuring proper security and certification for every use.

The smartSD memory card serves the same function as a smart card, authenticating and securing consumer and service provider transaction information. This solution can be added easily by consumers via a smartSD memory card to Android smartphones. smartSD can also be used by Blackberry and other mobile operating systems.

Serving as a FIDO Authentication Token

In addition to offering the required security to optimize an HCE implementation, smartSD offers the industry's best token for FIDO since a card can be used in both a mobile device and a computer. SDA will demonstrate smartSD in both passwordless and second-factor FIDO authentication scenarios.

smartSD excels at providing root of trust and security to applications on a mobile device. smartSD offers an independent secure element for all consumers regardless of their mobile operator or phone model for deployment of contactless service and digital security on their mobile phones. Read more about smartSD at[1].

Contactless Payment with microSD Slot

The SDA will show how consumers can use existing smartphones with SD slots to pay for products and services securely with a microSD memory card. The demonstration will use on-site point-of-sale terminals and regular mobile phones loaded with an NFC-capable microSD card to simulate real payment on POS terminals.

A workshop, "smartSD card -- A Portable, Multi-Platform Card for Highly Secure Authentication and Identification," is open to all Cartes attendees on Nov. 17 from 17:00-17:25 at the Hall 3 Stage.

The SDA booth is located at 4N090.

About smartSD Technology

smartSD memory cards leverage the world-leading SD architecture and Advanced Security SD standard, allowing transfer ISO 7816 Application Protocol Data Unit commands to, for example, JavaCardTM applets running on internal Secure Element, through the SD bus.

Watch a video, download a presentation and read the Association's smartSD white paper with new information on HCE. Find everyone about smartSD at[2].

SD Association

The SD Association is a global ecosystem of nearly 1,000 technology companies charged with setting interoperable SD standards. The Association encourages the development of consumer electronic, wireless communication, digital imaging and networking products that utilize market- leading SD technology. The SD standard is the number one choice for consumers and has earned more than 80 percent of the memory card market with its reliable interoperability and its easy-to-use format. Today, smart phones, tablets, Blu-ray players, HDTVs, audio players, automotive multimedia systems, handheld PCs, digital cameras and digital video cameras feature SD interoperability. For more information about SDA or to join, please visit the Association's website,[3].

SD Logos are trademarks licensed by SD-3C, LLC.


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