Pricer and Aisle411 to offer Smart Merchandising Technologies to Retailers #nrf16

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NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Pricer, the electronic shelf label systems and shelf-edge digital solutions leader, has partnered with Aisle411[1], a leader in product location technology and innovative merchandising and analytics solutions. By combining Pricer's electronic shelf labeling (ESL) technology with Aisle411's product location technology, navigating to products inside stores comes to life. This new innovative solution opens up new ways to acquire product location data, create navigation solutions for shoppers and engage with consumers while they shop providing retailers and brands insightful analytics on the path to purchase.

"This partnership creates exciting new opportunities for retailers and brands to better understand how shoppers interact with products inside stores and the products at the shelf," said Nathan Pettyjohn, Founder and CEO of Aisle411. "Pricer has created very powerful Shelf-Edge Solutions that when combined with Aisle411 smart merchandising products, enhances the in-store shopping experience for consumers." 

"At Pricer, we're excited to be working with Aisle411," said Charles Jackson, EVP, Global Sales.  "Aisle411 is an industry leader in helping people find products inside of stores. By combining Pricer's innovative ESL digital solutions with Aisle411 technology we can deliver robust mobile experiences."

1.  In Store Navigation: Guiding the shopper and optimizing its shopping route.   
2.  Flash alert: indicating by flash, for example, to customers, products on promotion or to employees, out of stock products.
3.  Geofencing: virtual areas in the store where shoppers will receive promotions or messages on their smartphone. 
4.  Task management: guiding employees on the store's digital map and showing them with the flash exactly where they have tasks to carry out.  
5.  Click & Collect: guiding employees towards the products that they need to pick. The ESL flashes to indicate exactly where the product to pick is located.  
6.  Customer interaction (Near Field Communication - NFC): shoppers receive on their smartphone product information by tapping the NFC integrated ESLs with their smartphone. 

To see a demonstration of Pricer and Aisle411's technologies at the NRF Big Show in New York City, visit booth 4429

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