EVT Release EyeSens - Vision Sensors

vision sensor

With the EyeSens vision sensors EVT has a compact system, which not only is extremely powerfull but at the same time features an easy integration in already existing systems.

The vision sensors are available as greyscale as well as colour camera. A variety of available resolutions makes it possible that the EyeSens sensors detect even the most delicate patterns, which other, ordinary cameras or even several light barriers, cannot detect.

Additionally the EyeVision image processing software is already integrated into the EyeSens hardware, which guarantees a short installation time.

The EyeSens vision sensors can be used for various applications such as e.g. presence check, code reading (QR, DMC, bar code), measurement technology, color inspection, pattern matching, object detection, etc.

The use of the EyeSens vision sensors and the EyeVision command set is specially attuned to the needs of various industries, such as automobile and supply industries, electronic manufacturing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, packaging industry, beverage and food industries, semiconductor industry as well as machines and plant engineering. With only a few mouse clicks the applications for those branches are solved.

For that the the inspection program on the sensor has to be configured only once. With the drag-and-drop function of the EyeVision software this takes only a few steps, where the icon have to be dragged into the so called Program Editor in the graphical user interface. After that the user can disconnect from the PC and the inspection program runs on the vision sensor.

The combination with the EyeVision software offers a large reduction in development time and deployment and maintenance cost for machine vision systems. The advantage is that the applications are customized smartly and expeditiously with the flexible system software and its graphically easy programmable user interface.

Whether you need a system for recognition of production differences, quality or color deviation, for the tracking, recognition, distinction or sorting of component parts, for pick-and-place, for reader functions (QR, DMC, OCR/OCV, bar code), rejects control, tolerance supervision, label and surface inspection, etc. the EyeSens vision sensors can cope with all these applications and many more.


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