TrackCore, Inc. Named Finalist for RFID Journal Awards


TrackCore will be presenting as a finalist at the RFID Journal LIVE Conference in Orlando, FL May 3-5, 2016. 

TrackCore is integrated with RFID enclosures provided by Terso Solutions, Inc. The RFID-enabled enclosures feature near real-time visibility, unique device identification, accurate tracking, improved time management and inventory control without human intervention. 

The RFID technology works in three simple steps:

1. Pre-authorized users access the units with RFID badges, eliminating a username and password. 
2. Users can add or remove RFID-tagged inventory from the enclosure. 
3. Items are automatically tracked and assigned to the user with the date and time to ensure compliance with The Joint    Commission and FDA standards. 
4. Access the TrackCore software for global visibility and 24/7 remote access to the enclosures.

TrackCore is integrated with three different types of enclosures including ambient cabinets, refrigerators and freezers (-80° C). 

About TrackCore, Inc.

TrackCore, Inc. is a dynamic and growing company headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. TrackCore began with a vision and commitment to improve patient safety surrounding tissues and implants. TrackCore has since grown and is now in over 375 hospitals, nationwide. TrackCore, Inc. continues to invest in its products and has expanded the product offering to include TrackCore Interventional and TrackCore SameDay.

TrackCore, now TrackCore Operating Room, delivers a cost retaining, intuitive software solution for managing the tissues and implants including biologic, non-biologic and hardware implants, while adhering to compliance regulations and federal standards. TrackCore’s functionality provides for quick and accurate data retrieval, enhancing patient safety while minimizing administrative costs.

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