Top 10 Reasons To Put Barcodes On Event Tickets

barcoded ticket

Whether for tickets, badges, IDs, coupons, vouchers, gift cards or other credentials, adding a barcode to the credential offers many benefits. Professionals in the event business have long recognized that, especially where money has been exchanged.  

But what about the event planners or companies that hold a limited number of events each year? How about for free events? Is there value in issuing tickets with barcodes? There’s a large number events that have never issued tickets but, if they did so with a barcode they could see those benefits.  

Here are the top 10 reasons for putting barcodes on your tickets, whether professionally printed, printed at home or mobile tickets.

  1. Check for duplicate and fake tickets and control re-entry (for paid events, VIP passes, gifts or stored value).
  2. Track venue capacity.
  3. Track total attendance and by ticket type. *
  4. Track who came and who didn’t. *
  5. Engage the attendee with a Dual Function QR Code – they can scan it with a consumer QR code reader and you can scan the scan code for tracking and validation.
  6. Add sales channels, not just printed ticket or e-tickets but both.
  7. Track freebies given by on-site vendors and allow them to reconnect after the event with the ticket holder (free or fee-based). Encourage attendees to visit tables/booths/activities to get rewards (helps drive traffic).
  8. Use for goods and services at the event with off-site vendors/partners.
  9. Analyze attendance (days, times) and traffic patterns (gates, tables/booths/activities and parking). *
  10. Survey attendees and correlate to the registered ticket holder.

And that’s just the top 10!

By Rich Eicher, Sr., Director of Business Development,

About codeREADr

The codeREADr SaaS platform is a cloud-based auto-ID and data capture (AIDC) solution which enables mobile apps to read, track & authenticate data-embedded barcodes & NFC objects anywhere, at any time. It is especially useful, fast and easy for small & medium sized venues and businesses to deploy since no CAPEX or training is required.

Data embedded objects may include tickets, coupons, inventory and virtually any asset as well membership, corporate, student, patient and other IDs, whether presented in printed form or on a mobile phone.


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