Complimentary Webinar - Direct Marking for UDI Compliance

The next deadline in the FDA's Unique Device Identification (UDI) regulation will hit September 24, 2016 – and it's not just about your medical device packaging anymore! The FDA requires that any medical device intended for multiple uses and subject to reprocessing must bear a UDI directly marked on the device itself. In this webinar, arm yourself with knowledge about current UDI marking guidance and methodologies, with answers to questions such as: 

- What does it mean to "permanently mark" a device? 
- Which medical devices require direct marks? 
- What are the deadlines for permanent UDI marking? 
- Does the FDA require a specific marking method? 
- What can be done to ensure mark quality and compliance? 

Join Microscan Training Coordinator and Certified GS1 Standards Professional, Barbie LaBine, as she presents current FDA UDI guidelines for marking devices with permanent marks, marking methods, and verification solutions.


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