Launches Tools to Help Food Manufacturers with New FDA Requirements

ORLANDO, Fla.June 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- is updating and adding brand new tools and content for their users in response to the Food and Drug Administration announcing new format changes to nutrition facts found on food labels. The label retailer recently re-launched their free nutrition label generator to include the new required format in order to ease the burden on food manufacturers. This allows them to more easily create nutrition labels that comply with the FDA's new requirements.

"The recent FDA announcement is forcing food manufacturers to make a costly change to all of their product labels," explains President Dave Carmany. "Aimed at improved benefits for consumers, these required label changes will be time consuming and expensive for food manufacturers. New artwork and labels will need to be recreated for entire product lines. With our free nutrition label generator tool, food manufacturers can quickly create artwork that meets the new FDA standard."

The FDA's recently finalized changes to the nutrition fact label standard places emphasis on serving size and calories. Significant changes will also be made to the supplement information required. This update comes several weeks after the FDA finalized the new look and contents of nutrition fact labels. Updates to the nutrition facts will be required across most packaged foods by July 26, 2018. Those companies with less than $10 million in annual food sales will be given until July 26, 2019. hopes to make the transition to the new standard easier by providing options to create the new nutrition fact labels. The free tool lets users download PDF and JPG versions of their generated label. Users will also be able to create their labels in three different layouts: The traditional vertical, vertical with extra nutrient information, and the horizontal tabbed layout. More features will be added in the near future as well. This includes the new dual column layout and new units of measurement as the FDA release more information. Users will be able to purchase blank labels to print their nutrition facts in a variety of sizes. They will also be given the option to customize their product labels further and order them custom printed by

"We feel it's our responsibility to keep up with industry trends and stay ahead of these kinds of changes," explains Carmany. "Offering a free tool like this gives small and large businesses alike an easy and effective way of staying compliant."

Nutrition fact labels in the FDA's new approved format can be created on

Launched in 1998,  OnlineLabels offers one of the world's largest selections of custom printed and blank labels for laser, inkjet, direct thermal and thermal transfer printers. The company is a privately-held internet retailer based in Sanford, Florida. serves customers all over the world for personal and professional labeling needs.


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