Packaging Horizons Launches New Product - The Patient’s Medicine Inventory Security Bag


We are living in an era of pull through drug marketing for both over-the-counter supplements and prescription drugs. As a result, an increasing number of patients are arriving at hospitals and other medical facilities for treatment with personal medications – many self-prescribed and purchased over the counter. Patients medicating with their own drugs in combination with a new medication protocol puts both the patient and medical staff at risk. Cross drug interactions can have some very serious consequences – sometimes even fatal. The simple solution – The Alert Patient’s Medication single use security bag.

Alert Security Bags have been adopted in hospitals and medical facilities as an integral component of a patient’s medication control protocol. Introducing unknown drugs into a medication treatment plan is very problematic. The types and severity of possible adverse patient reactions is literally unknown and unpredictable. When patients surrender their medications as part of the check in procedure, the medications are sealed in the Alert Patient’s Medication Security Bag. This bag can then be transferred to the hospital pharmacy for storage until patients retrieve their personal medications at check out. 

Security features including serial numbers with corresponding bar codes on the body of the bag and a tear off receipt for the patient with the same serial number / bar code. The Alert tamper evident security tape closure shows a visual “Alert Void” message if tampering occurs with the security seal. Patients can be assured that all of their personal medications will be returned and the medical staff can be confident that personal medications will not interfere with their prescribed treatment.

Accountability is a key element of every security system. The Alert Patient's Medicine Security Bag is designed specifically to provide a high level of security and accountability. The unique serial numbered bag can be logged by each department or person transporting the bag so that a Chain of Custody is created. Each person taking procession of the Security Bag is assigned personal responsibility for its contents while in their procession. At the time of transfer the seal is examined for signs of tampering and if intact, responsibility is moved to the next person accepting the Security bag.

John Gregor, Vice President and General Manager of Packaging Horizons characterizes the importance of the Alert Patient’s Medication security bag as “a simple, easy to use and cost effective security solution to a seemingly complicated protocol issue”. Free samples are available by visiting the website. Trying a few samples will show you just how easy and practical it is to use the Alert Patient’s Medication Security Bag – a very simple security solution to what seems to be a daunting problem.

Packaging Horizons was founded in 1974 as a manufacturer of flexible plastic packaging. polyethylene bags. With a focus on specialized tamper evident security packaging, Packaging Horizons has been an innovator and leader in the field for more than 20 years. Their products are manufactured in the USA and sold worldwide. The Alert brand is used in many commercial and government / military applications including forensic evidence protection, police evidence, confiscated or checked personal property, chain of custody for sample collection, currency transfer and secure document protection. For additional information on the uses and security features of the Alert Security Bag please visit The Company is headquartered in Easton, Pennsylvania, USA. For information on developing a patient's medication security policy you may find it helpful to refer to a document published by Tenet Healthcare. Tenet Healthcare – Patient's Medication Policy

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