Denim Designer Explains who Controls the Future of American Garment Manufacturing

Denim designer Maurice Malone

NEW YORK, Jan. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Denim designer Maurice Malone[1] of Williamsburg Garment Company[2] (WGC), an American denim brand manufacturing in the U.S., believes the U.S. garment manufacturing industry is poised for growth driven by small to mid-sized brands. WGC is ambitiously doing its part to drive American infrastructure as it expands into manufacturing its own knit products and establishi

ng a manufacturing line for others to utilize.

Why has manufacturing moved overseas

"Automation and foreign production didn't erode the American garment manufacturing industry, we did it to ourselves," says Malone, 30-year veteran of clothing design and production. "The goal of corporations is to maximize profits for investors.  Contrast this against the Chinese philosophy of keeping people working by choosing larger volumes for smaller margins while sacrificing higher profit per piece."

Why has manufacturing moved overseas? Americans almost always choose to buy cheaper over buying American, which is why American producers not claiming the luxury sector must find ways to steamline the production process and offer a better product at competitive prices – as is the WGC goal.


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