BellHawk Introduces WIP Tracking Service, Solving Part Number Explosion for Manufacturers

pdascanbarcodeBellHawk Systems is pleased to announce: The availability of our simple-to-use, low-cost, on-line Barcode Work-in-Process Tracking Service (WIPS). WIPS is designed for those organizations that need to track the real-time status of their jobs and the labor time required for each operation. WIPS is hosted at a secure data center in Florida and can be accessed over the Internet using any web-browser equipped device. Using WIPS costs $100/month, plus $20/month per shared scanning device, plus $30/month per manager login.

A new white paper "Solving the Parts Number Explosion Problem for Make-to-Order Manufacturers" is available on our website - see link in News Section at the bottom of Whether its tracking the thousands of different combinations of options for your semi-custom products or tracking off-cuts of different lengths and/or widths, if you are a make-to-order manufacturer you quickly realize that you cannot create a separate part number for each size, color, and shape item you buy, use, or make. This paper provides some answers to this problem.

The availability of Version 7.8 of BellHawk. This version incorporates a new reports module and rules based labeling. The license upgrade to this new version is free for all those clients of BellHawk subscribing to our software maintenance plan or renting or subscribing to BellHawk. But please note that clients are expected to pay for the support costs for transitioning the data in their operational database and any customizations they have to the latest version.
BellHawk V7.8 now enables users to have multiple reports and the main BellHawk data entry screens open in different browser tabs at the same time. It can also list the inventory of parts separately by length, width, color and other user defined attributes.

The new BellHawk V7.8 rules-based labeling module prevents labeling mistakes by automatically choosing the right barcode label format to print on-demand, based on the item, customer, container and other factors, and then filling out the label with the correct data before automatically printing the label on the correct printer.

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