New UHF RFID Collection Inventory Management System

We provide flexible and reliable mobile collection inventory management solutions that solve real-world business challenges.

GAO RFID is pleased to announce their latest development, an innovative way to handle the procurement process and inventory management of unique, high-value items. The newest GAO RFID Collection Inventory Management System uses UHF RFID technology to organize and manage the inventory of unique assets by enabling managers to catalog information and track their location. Curators and owners can track the specific information of every asset in their inventory such as the source, description, storage location and movement, and value. The entire collection list can be browsed easily, individual objects can be searched for, and their physical storage locations can be pinpointed using handheld proximity scanners. Designed for museums and galleries to keep track of their collections, the system is also customizable for Auction Houses, Antique Collectors, and Specialty e-Commerce shops.

Some collections require a great deal of care and protection in order to ensure their safety from external loss or damage, but they also require in-depth documentation to assist in tracking the movement and location of the object within the holding institution. To accommodate these needs, GAO RFID provides the Collection Inventory Management System that provides care standards and practices, which serve to create a safe environment for collection objects with clear and precise documentation. This system addresses the physical actions necessary to prevent damages and ensures the long-term safety and sustainability of the collection. “We provide flexible and reliable mobile collection inventory management solutions that solve real-world business challenges,” said GAO RFID CEO, Frank Gao.

This system is equipped with a powerful business intelligence tool that enables curators and managers to quickly locate an object, view its description and history, view transport and shipping history, and create customized queries to sort and output specific business-defined information. Access to this reporting tool is completely web-based: this means users can access the system from anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection to the server.

GAO RFID Inc. and GAO Tek Inc[1] are members of Canada based GAO Group of companies with over 20 years of experience providing solutions for clients in more than 40 countries. GAO RFID Inc. is a global provider of leading RFID hardware, software, and systems that improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and heighten personnel safety."   Read more

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