Bell-Hawk Launches Complete Wireless Warehouse Mgmt System For Quickbooks Enterprise

BellHawk Systems is pleased to announce the availability of :

A complete wireless Warehouse Management System for QuickBooks Enterprise for under $10,000, complete with our QBITS software, two refurbished ruggedized wireless mobile computers, with integral barcode scanners, warehouse rack labels, and a roll of barcode carton and pallet tracking labels. bell hawk quickbooks

QBITS is a simple-to-use industrial stock room and Warehouse Management System (WMS) that is designed to be used in combination with QuickBooks Enterprise for tracking inventory, raw materials, intermediate and finished products, tools, jigs, and fixtures, and other materials within manufacturing plants, industrial distribution warehouses, construction warehouses, building sites, and within engineering organizations.

BITS is available from $250/month for installation on client's own Windows Server Computer or can also be purchased outright, starting at $6,000. An integrated QuickBooks Enterprise plus QBITS solution is also available on a managed services basis in the Cloud over the Internet at a secure data center in the USA.

QBITS is aimed at those organizations that have outgrown their "desktop" inventory tracking applications, such as Fishbowl Inventory, but do not want to purchase an expensive fully-automated warehouse management solution, such as are used in high volume retail distribution warehouses.

Some of the features that make QBITS special include:

  • Fully integrated with QuickBooks Enterprise to form one seamless industrial  operations management and accounting platform
  • Can track inventory at multiple geographic locations such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, yards and building sites.
  • Can track tools, jigs, and fixtures issued to people and kept on trucks and service vehicles.
  • Ability to track and correctly account for customer owned material
  • Ability to use a common item number for materials of different length, width, size and color.

The refurbished ruggedized wireless mobile computers and the rack, carton, and pallet tracking labels are provided by our preferred supplier partners under our new Procurement Assistance Program. Under this no-cost program we use our many years of experience to assist our clients and prospective clients to purchase the best equipment and supplies for their applications at the best possible prices from qualified suppliers.

For more details about QBITS, please see the data sheet on QBITS from the "Data Sheets" link at the bottom of the home page of For more information about our procurement assistance program, please click on the "Equipment" link.

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