AIM Webinar - IoT Enabled by Chains of Accountability

Thursday, April 20th at 12 PM ET  

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This FREE webinar explores how the concept of Chains of Accountability enables IoT and why the lack of it will impair the effectiveness and full use of IoT.

The presenters (The AIAG’s Bill Hoffman and Bertus Pretorius of Tönnjes Isi Patent Holding GmbH)  will discuss the parallel between the world without computers (IoT) and a world enabled by IoT at the hand of examples.  In this discussion the presenters will show that Chains of Accountability is a fabric of the ordered world and the lack of it will lead to chaos.

The discussion will then show the important role of AIDC devices (barcodes and RFID) in making Things visible to IoT.  It will also explore the AIDC required device capabilities to enabled Chains of Accountability.

It must be noted that Chains of Accountability is achievable with current AIDC and information standards; it is real and implementable.  Now is the time to act.


Presenters Bertus Pretorius and Bill Hoffman//