Senseon to Demonstrate Hidden, Electronic Locking System at NeoCon 2017


Senseon® Secure Access, the award-winning, smart successor to traditional locks and keys, announced today that it will showcase its hidden, cabinet-level, electronic locking system at NeoCon 2017 on June 12-14 in Chicago.

Senseon, the Retail Technology Solutions award winner in the 2017 GlobalShop Product Design Competition, was recognized for its product design advancements in innovation, function and aesthetics. The award is sponsored by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

“We are enthused about showing NeoCon attendees how Senseon provides a more effective, efficient and attractive way to protect high-value inventory while enhancing the customer experience in virtually any commercial environment,” said Senseon Solutions Marketing Director Greg Rewers.

Built on patented, proven technology from global leader Accuride® International, Senseon offers superior performance, functionality and productivity: 

  • Senseon locks withstand up to 250 lbs. of break force, making them four times stronger than a typical CAM lock.
  • Senseon locks are tested to ensure durability for more than 50,000 cycles of use.
  • A built-in manual-override switch lets users open cabinet drawers and doors during a power outage.
  • Senseon eliminates the need to replace broken, stolen or lost metal keys.
  • An auto-relock function keeps contents secure at all times.
  • Auto-open, easy-close and touch-release features improve efficiency, convenience and aesthetics.
  • Installation requires no electrical or wiring knowledge.

“With Senseon, users avoid unsightly, cumbersome hard keys, enabling them to serve customers discreetly and close sales cycles faster,” Rewers said. “For example, a sales associate can readily remove jewelry from a display case to show a customer rather than obtaining a key from a manager or retrieving merchandise from a backroom. Cabinet fronts can be beautiful and sleek, without visible keyholes or locks, which are unattractive and invite thieves.”

Plug-and-play Senseon components are easy to install and use. A user simply taps an RFID card, fob or wristband near the reader to unlock a cabinet. One reader can control up to 15 cabinet doors or drawers; a Senseon token can be affixed to an existing ID badge.

Using a Senseon token or badge, a system administrator can add or delete users’ access with minimal effort.

Senseon integrates seamlessly with cabinetry of nearly any design, shape, size or construction, including display cases. Under-mount, side-mount and stand-alone options are available. The recently introduced 10EL electronic lock allows simple retrofitting of an existing cabinet for Senseon use. Senseon technical experts work with their clients from start to finish to ensure the right solution for a project.

Here are examples of commercial environments where Senseon is ideally suited, and what it can help secure: 

  • Retail stores: jewelry, consumer electronics and accessories
  • Hospitals, geriatric care environments, outpatient clinics and private medical offices: medications, supplies and patient records
  • Hotels: janitorial and housekeeping supplies, and liquor in bar areas
  • Banks: cash and cash equivalents, and customer information
  • Corporate offices: customer, employee and financial records
  • Government offices: sensitive records, and supplies
  • Educational institutions: student files, and supplies

To learn more, visit Booth 7-1093 at NeoCon or

About Senseon® Secure Access

The Senseon® Secure Access is the smart successor to the traditional lock and key for cabinetry. This hidden, cabinet-level, electronic locking system uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) to provide more effective, efficient and aesthetically pleasing protection of high-value inventory while enhancing the customer experience in virtually any commercial environment. Senseon is built on patented, proven technology from Accuride® International, a world-leading global designer and manufacturer of movement solutions for businesses for more than 50 years.

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