PRODUCT UPDATE: DuraScan® D600 Contactless Reader/Writer

d600 multi productsThe DuraScan D600 is a NFC, contactless RFID reader/writer with low-energy, Bluetooth® wireless technology. The reader is built for reading and writing to HF (high frequency) tags, labels and smart devices, in addition to locking, unlocking or communicating with peer or smart devices. A seemingly more sophisticated piece of machinery, it is durable for demanding environments (i.e. warehouses, outdoors, industrial), withstanding drops to concrete, dirt and water splashes with its IP54-rated casing. Antimicrobial material makes a perfect suiting for healthcare environments. With such a robust casing the D600 remains elegant in ergonomic form, comfortable in the hand for long hours of use. 

As an easy-to-use, handheld HF RFID and NFC reader with intuitive lights, melodies and vibrations, the D600 is one of the first contactless readers of its kind.  

Also available from the DuraScan Series, the highly durable D700, D750 and D730 barcode scanners with Bluetooth technology. The D700 is a 1 dimensional barcode scanner. The D750 is a 1 and 2 dimensional barcode reader. The D730 is a laser scanner. 

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