The Role of Smartphone Mobility in Digital Transformation (Cool graphic!)

When asked what reasons attribute to the prevalent digital transformation, it is obvious to list major aspects such as information technology, the connectivity to the internet and cloud, and the creative ideas of startups exploiting resources. Thinking closely within IT and looking at the most successful transformations, we can come to the conclusion it is the wide spread of mobility, in the sense that most people carry smartphones.  

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This implies that any new service related - in one way or another - to digital technology can be accessed by any person carrying a smartphone. The smartphone, as of today, is a very powerful reliable device, fit to serve the user far beyond the basic feature of making calls (see: What Makes Mobility Booming: The Exponential Power of Your Smartphone).

Here are the major aspects a mobile phone can provide:
-Voice communication
-Data connectivity
-Web access
-Processing power
-Dynamic apps

Furthermore, the smartphone today is the personal control panel of user digitally-connected objects. With a smartphone, one can instruct his car to park, control his smart home remotely or even track his luggage at the airport (see: How Smartphones Help Classical Products To Become Smarter).

Additionally, a smartphone is quite dynamic in updating apps to the latest versions automatically which makes deployment less costly.

Finally, smartphones now-a-days can be enabled to become the personal identification card of its users with proper authentic specialized software providers. The smartphone can be a credit card, an ID and even an electronic passport.

With the power of social media and personal targeted marketing, digital transformation is going viral. It is interesting to watch how things will develop further with the rise of new technologies such as IoT, AI, robotics, drones, VR and AR.

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Mohammad Amer Shallah, Auto-ID Support,
I have been implementing automatic identification, data capture technologies, and mobility over 20 years in domains of manufacturing, retail, logistics, government and security. The accumulated experience and continuous follow up on latest emerging technologies help me to contribute writings about current trends and highlight challenges. I try to bring up diagrams and infographics along each topic to clarify concepts in a simple way. I welcome all comments.

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