CAEN RFID and HCE Engineering present Enigma Industrial RAIN RFID Kit

rfidDeveloping RAIN RFID UHF applications has never been as easy as with the new HCE Enigma Industrial system and CAEN RFID A528B reader

CAEN RFID and HCE Engineering present Enigma Industrial RAIN RFID Kit.

The system comes with Debian 8.0 and all the software you need to use and develop your RAIN RFID application right away. Thanks to the 24V (11-36V) DC power supply, its standard connectors and the TFT panel with RGB interface (up to 24 bit colors), the product offers a low cost solution for graphic terminals and human-machine interface panels with 4.3 to 10 inch touchscreen.

The system can be expanded with I/O cards via the RS485 interface with Modbus RTU (the Modbus TCP is available via Ethernet interface), via the CAN 2.0B interface (up to 1Mbit/s) or via its own expansion connector. In addition, the system supports two RJ45 Ethernet connectors (10/100Mbit and 10/100/1000Mbit) and an optional IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi interface with speeds up to 72Mbps!
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CAEN RFID is a leading Italian company in the design and production of RFID UHF readers and tags. CAEN RFID was the first company in Europe to produce and distribute UHF readers. Its active involvement in the EPC Global, AIM Europe and ETSI work groups have allowed it to provide RFID readers and tags which are in the vanguard of existing technology. Amongst these the easy2read© readers/writers have been designed to permit the use of one single identification technology for reading either at close range or at a range of several meters; the semi-passive easy2log© tag can be used for the monitoring and recording of temperatures of perishable products in transit (such as food or chemical/pharmaceutical products in cold storage).

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