Twin Cities-Based Supply Chain Services Acquires Visuascan of Montreal

Minnesota-based Supply Chain Services LLC has purchased Montreal company Visuascan, Inc. The sale was announced by Chip Emery, CEO of Supply Chain Services.

“Visuascan is the leader in barcoding equipment and labeling solutions and services for the manufacturing, distribution and retail marketplaces in Quebec,” said Emery. “We share the same ‘helping customers operate better’ culture and have complementary strengths. Visuascan evolved from the labeling and label application world to barcode hardware while Supply Chain Services grew from the barcode and wireless solutions business into the labeling and label application business. This acquisition will bring a broader and more seamless solution set to both Visuascan Canadian customers and our U.S. customers.”

Visuascan CEO and co-founder Carmine Maracella said, “I am delighted that Supply Chain Services will lead Visuascan into the future. They bring a proven track record of managing growth and they know our business well. From the first time I met them, I knew they were strategically and philosophically the right team to serve our customers’ needs going forward.”

No personnel changes are planned in either company. Both will continue to operate at their present locations and under their current names.

Founded in 2002, Supply Chain Services is a privately owned company that helps customers operate better through the deployment of barcode equipment and label solutions for warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution industries in the continental US. It has extensive experience in designing, recommending and implementing barcode solutions and has enjoyed substantial growth in its 15-year history.

Visuascan, established in Canada in 1996, is a leader in product identification, barcoding and labeling solutions for a broad range of industries including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food distribution, logistics, and retail throughout Quebec and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. It enjoys a sterling reputation for service and support across a broad set of barcode solutions.

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