Had Enough? How About A New Career In Bar Codes or RFID?

wiki job fairThere comes a point when we need a new job.  Maybe we've grown stale and want a new challenge, or perhaps the company is changing its perspectives. Or maybe we need to spread our wings and find a job with better benefits or a bigger salary.   Whatever the reason might be, we've got a list of companies that are hiring and they are located all over the country and the world. 

Click to visit our Bar Code Careers page and start reaching for a new opportunity right now. 

Does your present company discourage or prohibit sharing salary information?  If so, then this article may be of interest:

Why You Should Tell Your Co-Workers How Much Money You Make https://nyti.ms/2NA0H0E

 "What many workers don’t realize is that it is unlawful for private sector employers to prohibit employees from discussing wages and compensation, and it has been since the National Labor Relations Act was passed in 1935."



Image source: Wikimedia Commons :[[File:DHS Cyber and Tech Job Fair (28464974800).jpg|thumb|DHS Cyber and Tech Job Fair (28464974800)]]