First Turnkey RFID Item Tracking

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Dec. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Businesses previously unable to see an ROI for RFID asset and inventory tracking now have an alternative that breaks existing barriers. A partnership between Brady Worldwide and Supply Insight Inc., has integrated Brady's breakthrough CenSys IoT reader into Supply Insight's Turnkey Total Tracking (TTT) RTLS solution via instantaneous IoT messaging. This combo is now the industry's most complete and cost-effective RTLS solution for mobile devices, dramatically reducing costs and re-purposing employees and management to productive tasks.

"As a pioneer in RFID platforms since 2004," said Brock Hotaling, Supply Insight's CEO, "we discovered that in spite of huge RFID operational advantages, many businesses were shut out of RFID RTLS due to budget or complexity. TTT, with its unmatched simplicity and affordability, has removed those barriers by combining Brady CenSys and mobile BYOD readers, plus app, mobile device, tags, AWS secure portal and intelligence dashboard, in a true turnkey package, all for under $5,000."

Brady's CenSys integrated with cutting-edge BYOD readers (TSL-1128 and CSL's CS108) complete the puzzle - a business-ready system, unheard-of ROI, fully operational within one day.

"Typical fixed RFID readers can cost several thousand dollars each. Combine that with infrastructure and software, and the cost investment becomes too much for most small to medium businesses," said Wesley Columbia, Brady's global strategy and marketing manager. "Requiring only power and Wi-Fi connection, CenSys offers both great performance and value at the sub-$1,000 price point and is uniquely simple to install and configure."

The CenSys records UHF RFID tags and immediately updates Supply Insight's IOT cloud services. There, up-feeds from TSL-1128 or CS108 cycle counts and "Geiger-counter" item locators show location history of assets and inventory goods 24/7, integrating the CenSys "active" zones and hand-held RFID/barcode readable zones. ... read more