AIM & GS1 Introduce NEW Technical Specification

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | January 17, 2019  AIM, the trusted worldwide industry association for the automatic identification industry, providing unbiased information, educational resources and standards for nearly half a century, has announced the release of a new sensor technical specification that will provide a universal method to interpret temperature threshold sensors used to enhance supply chain management and logistics in most industrial sectors.

The technical specification, Application Identifier (8009) with Sensor Descriptor Attribute 01, is the result of an exclusive collaboration between GS1 and AIM, launched in October 2017, to partner GS1's Application Identifier data encodation rules with sensor technical specifications developed by AIM.  This allows reading and interpretation of the sensor and barcode using a single scan.

"The desire was to develop a way to interpret sensors," said Ray Delnicki, Global Standards Director for GS1 US. "The first application is temperature threshold sensors, applied to vaccine vials dispensed in remote geographies, using a smart device scanning both the barcode and sensor on the label."

AIM Member Mohannad Abdo, PhD, Senior Manager of Technology Innovations at  Temptime Corporation, further shared the significance of the specification, "With the release of Sensor AI (8009) 01, the AIM-GS1 partnership has introduced a way in which digital business transactions, typically executed using barcodes or RFID (radio frequency Identification) will be able to easily capture, format and utilize dynamic data to enable greater integration between applications for AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) and the supply chain. Sensor AI (8009) 01 provides the cornerstone for optically readable sensors of any kind."

An optically readable sensor indicator adds another dimension to an existing barcode format.  With Sensor AI (8009) 01, the value of both barcode and RFID tags is significantly enhanced by incorporating dynamic (rather than static) environmental monitoring.  It will also enable new applications for AIDC and support use in both Blockchain and Internet of Things programs.

The release of Sensor AI (8009) 01 marks the first step in a process expected to yield additional specifications as the AIM-GS1 partnership continues work on detailed uses of this sensor technical specification.

To download a copy of Sensor AI (8009) 01, click here.


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