Global coding and marking equipment Expected to Record CAGR over 7% during 2019-2023

Global Coding and Marking Equipment Market: About this Market
Coding and marking equipment is used to print information such as manufacturing date, logos, expiry date, batch number, and others on the surfaces of products.


This coding and marking equipment market analysis considers sales from CIJ printing and coding, laser coding and marking, TIJ printing, DOD printing, and other segments. The market vendors cater to end-users, including food and beverage, industrial, healthcare, and others. Our analysis also considers the provision of Coding and Marking Equipment in APAC, Europe, MEA, North America, and South America. In 2018, the CIJ printing and coding segment held the highest market share, which is expected to remain prevalent over the forecast period.

Factors such as low maintenance costs, high-speed printing, and ability to support various types of inks and a wide array of colors will help the market segment in maintaining its leading position over the forecast period. Also, our global coding and marking equipment report has observed market growth factors such as increasing need for product traceability, increasing demand for packaging, an increasing number of labeling regulations. However, high operational cost, increasing competition from the unorganized market, and dependence of coding and marking equipment on-demand from end-users may hamper the growth of the coding and marking equipment industry over the forecast period.

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