Keeping Business On The Cutting Edge, with Online Inventory System

WHITEHALL, PA - CISS offers Inventory Pro Online (IPOL) as your cloud-based inventory control and management solution. Easy to customize, to expand, generate reports, interface to accounting systems, and secure.
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IPOL can be utilized by a wide range of businesses whose systems range from a single warehouse with 3 users, up to hundreds of warehouses with hundreds of users. IPOL is a fully-featured WMS that can be customized to meet your current needs.
Inventory Pro allows for full warehouse management, along with a range of advanced features our clients can leverage to improve their company's efficiency and productivity. And, the cloud-based browser interface allows access from any Internet/Intranet connected device; desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone (any device capable of running a standard web browser).  The database is Microsoft SQL Server which allows for easy reporting either inside or outside the application. All on-screen data is also easily exported to XLS.
Deploy new warehouses (sites) and users in minutes.
Give customers real-time access to view their own inventory and place their own orders online.
And shipping is easy with tie ins with FedEx and UPS allows you to transfer data and addresses directly over. Saving time and improving accuracy.
The Inventory Pro Online System is quick to implement, easy to use, and customizable to suit your needs and budget.
About CISS
At CISS Ltd. we specialize in Inventory Software Solutions, our framework and products have been under development since 1994. Currently, our software platform offers Web and Mobile Applications that work together creating a framework upon which our customers run their business.
Our goal is a complete Inventory Management Solution. Easy to customize, expand, generate reports, interface to accounting systems, and secure. Our standard inventory software solution, Inventory Pro, can be used to manage all aspects of warehousing, inventory, manufacturing, and distribution. Inventory Pro supports multiple platforms such as Desktop, Mobile, Cloud, and Handheld Scanners.

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