QR Codes Reignite GAP's Marketing Campaign

QR Code SignageFollowing closely on the impeccably shod heels of fashion mogul, Calvin Klein, the GAP's new premium pants and jeans collection campaign is punctuated by QR codes.

The campaign utilizes ScanLife QR codes in a couple different ways. A QR code included in a direct mail piece links to a premium video of Patrick Robinson, The GAP's head of design, discussing the inspiration behind the new jeans. But the true innovation lies in GAP's implementation of QR codes in-store. The codes are posted on intermittent signage (see photo) throughout the store and link to a mobile site that engages shoppers by helping them discover which of the 7 different fits and styles of the Premium Black Pant Collection is best for their body type. Using my iPhone, I connected easily to the site using the ScanLife app, and with the help of other user's (very candid) reviews was able to determine that the The Perfect Trouser and the The True Straight fit are for me.

As a consumer, I am grateful for the ability to explore the collection without having to actually try on each pair of pants or attempt to wrestle relevant information from a harried GAP employee. Using the QR code has the same effect on me as being engaged by a cute stranger in the Starbucks line; I like it, I feel special. Human beings like to feel connected. Through innovative campaigns like this GAP QR code campaign, we feel connected to the brand, and connection fosters loyalty. The GAP campaign also included a coupon offer. As more brands become comfortable with the technology, we are likely to see more coupon offers delivered this way, providing the brands with concrete ROI figures for QR code campaigns.

ScanBuy's VP of Marketing, David Javitch, says, “Currently, the primary reason for using QR codes is to be innovative, to reach a customer that is looking for forward-thinking brands and engage them.”

qr code gap mobile site

qr code direct mailThis idea of engagement is quickly becoming a marketing necessity, campaigns that proclaim rather than engage will soon be relegated to the history books. The GAP campaign also features an Interactive Facebook Gallery where visitors can check out the 1969 Premium Jeans and participate in the interactive Born to Fit campaign – one of the most robust consumer experiences to-date on Facebook.

"Forty years ago, Gap started exclusively as a jeans shop in San Francisco. Denim is our birthright and to celebrate we are reaching back to our roots and leveraging our extensive experience to reinvent an American classic with our new 1969 Premium Jeans – fresh and modern for today's style," said Marka Hansen, president of Gap North America. "Denim is such a foundational part of any wardrobe, but traditionally premium jeans have not been accessible to everyone. We created this new collection to fill the gap – delivering superior fit, finishes and detail at a truly affordable price point."

The dichotomy represented by the campaign is stunning: hearkening back to the brand's roots, while delivering a classic via a cutting-edge vessel. The Calvin Klein QR Code billboards were great for buzz, but as an industry writer and a consumer I find the GAP's use of ScanLife QR codes to be both elegant and effective.

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