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Last year, Mercedes Fashion Week took a bold step away from tradition. A step toward the future of mobile with the introduction of a 2D barcode scan check-in process executed by Control Group. This move eliminated the cumbersome process of paper invitations and guest list check-in that had long help up lines at this coveted event. Not long after, we saw EventBrite launch an iPhone app allowing its customers access to this 2D barcode technology for their own events. A new app from Ticketleap allows Android users to join the party.

TickeLeap's Android ticket scanning application (free in the Android Market) enables event organizers to toss aside traditional ticketing hardware and easily manage ticket scanning from any Android phone.

android-scanner"This application represents the future of events," says Chris Stanchak, CEO of TicketLeap. "Events are going mobile and we believe this is the most cutting-edge ticket scanning app for Android."

A leader in online ticketing and social media for events, TicketLeap has worked with event organizers across the globe to ticket tens of thousands of events. Every TicketLeap e-ticket contains a unique QR code which can be scanned by the TicketLeap Android app.

The app connects with TicketLeap events, allowing event organizers to quickly scan tickets with an Android phone and to ensure that all tickets are authentic. Users can also search for and check-in attendees by name, email address or ticket confirmation code. The check-in history syncs with TicketLeap and the app tracks the check-in progress while it's in use. Events with more than one point of entry can use the TicketLeap app on multiple phones to scan tickets simultaneously.

"Instead of investing in bulky, expensive ticketing hardware we are enabling organizers to use a smartphone to control an event entrance," Stanchak added. "Events of any size, whether they own a venue or not, can use the TicketLeap app to shorten lines and manage the attendee check-in process."

TicketLeap allows potential users to test-drive the app before committing. By going to this website and following the prompts, users are lead through a faux ticketing environment that introduces them to the process and user-interface of the Android app.

The launch of the TicketLeap Android app is illustrative of both the growth in mobile scanning and the growth of the Android Market. A recent study showed that 48% of Android users had scanned a mobile barcode compared to 39% of iPhone users. As mobile barcode scanning permeates different areas of daily life (from shopping to event planning), it will be interesting to see which platform emerges as the leader.


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