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giving in the 21st century

QR Code Takes Giving into the 21st Century

Every year charities and non-profits struggle to capture the attention, and dollars, of the giving public.

Organizations are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves and leverage technology to positively impact their bottom line.

Recently we were introduced to the concept of SMS donations, today QR codes are flexing their muscles in the mobile donation space thanks to a partnership between Mobio and the Children’s Miracle Network.

Mobio will be providing mobile payment and marketing services to CMN and it’s high-profile corporate partners; who will act as distribution points for Mobio-enabled campaigns and programs designed to raise awareness raise funds for CMN hospitals.

Since its inception in 1984, CMN has donated $4.3 billion to network hospitals dedicated to saving and improving the children’s lives.

Mobio’s mobile commerce platform aims to bring that fundraising success into the 21st century. The public may now donate anywhere a Mobio barcode is displayed.

CMN’s network of good corporate citizens have already begun to incorporate Mobio technology in a number of creative ways. Dairy Queen® created 7.9 million Mobio-enabled Blizzard® cups for its Miracle Treat Day. Pull out your Smartphone while enjoying your DQ® treat and scan the cup to donate, instantly.

“Mobio will allow CMN and its partners to dramatically expand their reach and influence a younger and more mobile demographic, said Perry Esler Vice President, Radiothon & Corporate Development, Children's Miracle Network. “With Mobio, existing and potential donors can donate in places and ways we could have never imagined back in 1984.”

Current mobile donation schemes have inherent limitations:  

•    Text-to-donate is expensive. $3 out of every $10 donated goes to cover fees.
•    SMS donations are not instantaneous. It can take up to 120 days for funds to reach the intended recipient.
•    It is virtually impossible to gather donor information to judge fundraising effectiveness or enable donor follow-up.

With Mobio’s mobile payment platform, non-profits have:

•    Ability to differentiate in the widely traditional non-profit space.  
•    Ability to target younger audiences and appeal to Gen X and Y.
•    Increased geographical reach (Mobio barcodes can go viral … Twitter, Facebook, email and TV).
•    Real-time instant donations.
•    Direct connection with donors. Ability to collect opt-in CRM data.
•    Decreased cost – no set-up fees. Campaigns cost pennies on the dollar.

For most people charitable giving is often an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ proposition. How often do you sit down at home and write a donation check? But, what about when the cashier at the grocery store asks, “would you like to donate a dollar to muscular dystrophy today?”

We all like to give, but let’s face it, sometimes we need a little reminder. Mobio allows non-profits to stay top of mind while offering a secure and convenient way for donors to support the causes they love.

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