Retread Tire Bar Codes by Specialty Bar Codes

side_tire_retreadingTruck tires are designed to be retreaded again and again for maximum performance, and to keep track of the treading process, the use of bar code labels is essential. Specialty Bar Codes by William W. Harris & Associates creates bar code labels that will adhere to tires that will last through the retread process. The purpose of these bar code labels is to track the management process of each tire which can be read by a bar code reader and provide detailed information on the tire's retreading. These retread tire bar codes will remain on the tires during the entire retreading process whether a tire retreader uses the precure or mold cure process. Specialty Bar Codes retread tire labels are also created to work with the existing tracking system of any tire retread company. These retread bar code labels will remain on the tire from start to finish. These retread bar code labels will not fall off, fade due to weather conditions, or tear. Specialty Bar Codes also offers tire retread manufacturers wholesale savings on any blank or multicolor label style available.

side_tire_retreading2Retreading tires requires several steps, and in order to track and identify tires that are in the process of being retreaded, tire manufacturers must use bar code labels that last through the retreading process. Specialty Bar Codes will remain on the truck tires during the entire procedure. These labels will withstand the heat and pressure a tire undergoes while it is being retreaded.

The process for creating bar coded information for a tire is very simple. When a tire is worn down to its casing, it is assigned a bar code label. Each step in the retreading process is then recorded, and contains the client's specifications for the retreading job. The bar code label on the tire will also contain any extra information to the retreading job such as tire repairs. The bar code label then remains on the tire after it is complete, and mounted on the truck. With the Specialty retread tire bar code labels, retreaders can tell how many times a casing has been retreaded, and if the precure or mold cure process was used. During the precure process, the treading is bonded to the tire's casing with an even layer of adhesive and set in a curing chamber where heat and pressure is applied finished_goodsto make the retread a permanent part of the tire. In the mold cure process, no adhesive is used, as the new tread is created using raw rubber and applying it to the casing which is then heated in a mold. Specialty retread tire bar code labels will remain on the tires during the curing process which requires a high level of heat.

Specialty Bar Codes is owned by William W. Harris & Associates, creating bar code labels designed to last on deep freezers and furnaces without being damaged. The company also creates labels for manufacturing, warehouse, medical, and property management purposes. Their bar code labels are available in a variety of sizes and materials that include laminates, permanent and removable adhesives.

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