Teklynx Introduces Labelview 9 for Designing Bar Code Labels

teklynx_labelview_9_1For business owners who need to create and print bar code labels on a regular basis, Teklynx Labelview 9 deserves serious consideration. Teklynx Labelview 9 is a powerful software application designed to create bar code labels as well as other types of labels for your business. The brand new Labelview 9 easily converts labels from version 8 into the new platform and includes more than 40 different bar code symbols that can be used to create custom made bar code labels.

Labelview 9 is ideal for businesses that want to save time and money in the production and printing of bar code labels using software designed to do the job quickly and efficiently. Labelview 9 has two different editions: Pro for small scale label printing operations, and Gold, which includes all the features of Pro plus advanced label design and automation tools. Regardless of which edition the user has, the software has an interface that beginners in bar code software will find intuitive and easy to use. Labelview 9 supports 25 languages that makes it easy to operate according to global bar code standards. This software is also stable and teklynx_labelview_9_2reliable so that users do not have to worry about losing information while creating the bar code labels using the software. Images, bar codes, text, and variables can be added to a bar code label with the click of a button. The software also takes care of expiration dates, serial counters, and everything else associated in the making of industry-standard bar code labels. Labelview 9 supports over 100 bar code symbologies that include linear and 2D. The product allows the user to print a large run of bar code labels in a short amount of time. The user can also access a database to extract bar code information from, and manage database connections. Some of the databases that Labelview 9 supports are SQL, Oracle, DB2, and Microsoft Office.

teklynx_labelview_9_3One of the benefits of using Labelview 9 is that the interface allows the user to preview the bar code label to make sure it is accurate before printing. The software can also transition to Teklynx's enterprise products should your business want to expand on bar code labeling solutions to increase production. An interested buyer of Teklynx Labelview 9 can also download a demo of the software to experience how efficiently it works.

Teklynx is located in Milwaukee and has been manufacturing automatic identification and data collection software for the automotive, chemical, food manufacturing, government, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications industries for more than 25 years. Since 1998, Teklynx has acquired Techniques Avancees, Graftek, Inc. and StrandWare, Inc. which has added Labelview among others to their product lines. Teklynx also manufactures security and traceability, server-side printing, and application development software. The company has an extensive global network operation that includes resellers and integrators. Teklynx also offers support for users of the software and will make recommendations as to which package is best to use for your business.


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