Android Barcode Inventory App: Barcode Express Pro

barcodeexpressproappAnyone who owns an extensive DVD library or another type of media collection can relate to the need for a convenient inventory tool. Pencil and paper just takes too long and a computer spreadsheet can be a hassle to set up and may not include the data you need. Neither of these options is all that portable.

If that's you, keep reading. You can set up a simple inventory system using the bar code scanner in your smart phone. Barcode Express Pro, an app designed for the Android operating system does just that.

The app is offered as a demo version, which allows you to try the software for two weeks at no cost. But once the trial period is over, your data is locked. Upgrading to the Pro version costs $1.99 and the app is immediately downloaded once you enter payment information. And if you've been using the demo version, you can transfer any saved data to the full version.

You'll need to have a separate bar code scanner app installed on your phone, such as Barcode Scanner.

Getting Started

Tap "new item" on the main screen and you'll be prompted to "Create an inventory item with . . ." Options include entering the item manually, snapping a picture with your camera phone, using a template, searching the web, connecting one of the images already on your phone, or by scanning a bar code. Once you enter an inventory item, you can also enter notes and attach a voice recording, a video, an audio clip, a task list, or an expense list.

The web product search offers searches by ISBN code (for books), UPC/EAN code or ASIN code, which stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. When you enter a 10-digit ISBN code from a book, the ASIN number is identical. Once the web search is successful, you'll see a product detail with an image (if available) and a product description. You can choose to import all the information into your inventory list, or just add the image. So if you've already manually scanned a bar code, the web search allows you to complete your inventory with an image.

Each piece of inventory can be placed in a category, separated by the item's location in your home or business, and tagged. And you set up the options.

Barcode Express Pro has a clean interface, and once you use the program a few times, the set-up seems pretty intuitive. The menu button on your smart phone brings up options for each screen. When you tap the menu button from the main screen, and then choose "extra features," you can see your task and expense lists. And if you don't have these lists already created, tap menu again and you're ready to go.

When you get around to organizing that Blu-ray collection, take a look at Barcode Express Pro. It may take some set-up time, but in the long run you'll have a convenient record of your movies.

Take a look at the features in the Android Market:

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