Useful Resources on the Auto-ID and Mobility Website

grocery store clerkThe Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility (AIM), an international trade group, serves as a source of information for a wide range of business technologies and solutions (including bar code and point of sale systems). This family of technologies serves to identify, track, record, store, and communicate essential data.

From companies that place RFID tags inside casino gaming chips to firearm manufacturers who must provide tracking for military sniper rifles, AIM serves as a global voice and trusted resource in this data-rich world. 

Below you'll find links to some useful resources on the AIM website.

First, you can learn about specific AIM technolgies, such as automatic identification and data capture, radio frequency identification, real time locating systems, and others.

AIM also focuses on the standards needed for acceptance and adoption of new technologies. AIM invites you to be involved in learning and applying these standards to your company.

The AIM Buyer's Guide presents an A to Z directory of worldwide manufacturers, distributers, integrators, and VARs (value-added resellers). 8100idat

Are you currently interviewing and evaluating vendors for a project? Need help defining your own requirements and making the best match? Submit an RFP (Request for Proposal) form, and once approved it will be sent to leading companies and posted for AIM members to see.

Would you like to see how other companies in your industry have successfully integrated automatic identification and mobility technologies? This case study collection is divided by vertical market, specific technology, and geographic region.

Get up to speed on bar code, point of sale, and other auto ID and mobile technologies by downloading white papers, case studies, and other free resources in the Download Library. (You'll need to complete a short registration form, first.)

about_imgStay up to date on changes in RFID technology by reviewing the newsletter archive. You'll find industry analysis, news, and current market developments.

Need to see and touch the hardware and software before you sign off on a purchase order? Keep an eye on AIM events for one happening near you.

Consider becoming a member so you can keep up with the latest technologies and take advantage of all AIM resources.

Click here to visit the AIM website

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