Top Fifteen Articles About Barcode Labels

 This is a list of our top fifteen articles that pertain to barcode labels, label printing, specialized barcode labels, and label printing tips.   If you need more help, feel free to contact us using the link at the bottom of the page.  

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Bar Code Labels Can Take The Heat
Many everyday labeling applications such as on printed circuit boards require printed bar codes, safety and warning labels with legibility and adhesive bonds that must survive high temperatures – upwards ...
Printing Barcodes? See these FAQ
Barcodes have proven to be a cost effective way to price your products for retail, track inventory data, ship packages, and even promote your company – but how do you get started? Printing barcode labels ...
Best Practices for Bar Code Wristband Formatting
Desktop Barcode Printer for Healthcare Labels and Wristbands from Intermec PC23d wristba ...
Bar Code labels - make your own or buy pre-printed?
If you are going to be using barcode labels, you need to consider whether to print your own with software, labels and maybe a dedicated barcode label printer OR whether you should just order from a ...
How to Create a Bar Code Label in Microsoft Excel
...  already on your desk top. Creating a bar code in Microsoft Excel requires an additional font or two depending on the format you choose (Code 39, Code 128, etc). You'll want to pay attention when it com ..
Good Bar Code Guidelines
... bad bar code labels can be a very costly mistake for a business to make.  These guidelines should have you printing high-quality bar codes in no time!  
Choosing a Bar Code Label Printer
When choosing a printer to create bar code labels, it's important to remember that not all types of printers are created equal. While thermal, dot matrix, ink jet, and laser printers may be capable, a ...
Create Bar Code Mailing Labels With OpenOffice
... is open source and completely free, compatible with Mac OS, Microsoft platforms, and Linux. You can make bar code mailing labels, or use bar codes to keep track of your book or DVD collection. If you'v .
Why Thermal Label Printing Dominates Ink Jet and Laser Label Printing
Thermal printers, both thermal transfer and direct thermal printers have been available since the late 1970’s, with Sato being the first company to introduce a bar code label printer. Today, other label ...
Want to Use Bar Code Colors? What Works?
...  on bar code quality when using colors. This can be tricky so pay attention if you want those labels to be scannable.

Why do Images Fade on Thermal Paper?   Why do Images Fade - will your labels fade?

Acid-Free Bar Code Labels for Archival Use
... record of a certain item is not available.  a hand held scanner, a thermal transfer printer, and is ideal for printing out more than 25,000 labels a year. Polypropylene labels can be ...
Ten Best Practices for Using 2D Barcodes in Advertising
Using QR Codes to Draw Trade Show Traffic QR Codes for Customer Rewards Taste Success with QR Codes in Food and Wine Labels 
How Do You Test a Bar Code? 
      Printhead Temperature Just as speed controls printhead temperature, the printhead temperature controls print quality. Here are some things you need to know: ... Bar Code Label Software - Getti ...
Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Label Printers
People are often confused about the differences between direct thermal label printers and thermal transfer label printers, and which type of printer better suits their needs. While a lot of today's model ...
Harsh Environments for Barcode Labels: Identifying the Need and Performance Requirements
Barcode labels are being increasingly sought in harsh environments for applications like systems integration projects where they have as yet not been used. With new inventions in the world of scanning ...
Barcode labels for an exceptionally small space!
What do you do when your client needs barcode labels that measure just .2 inches by .2 inches?  Those barcode labels are so small that the client needs magnifying glasses and tweezers to put them ...

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