Scan Bar Codes and Make Lists With Grocery IQ App for Android

grocery-iq-1Grocery shopping can be a major chore, but the Grocery IQ app for Android phones makes it quick, easy, and efficient, whether you or someone else in your family does the actual shopping. This app allows you to create your own grocery shopping list using bar code scanning and a predictive search. The Grocery IQ app for Android has the capacity to save frequently bought items, create lists for more than one store, print coupons, and much more.

Downloading the Grocery IQ onto your Android phone is easy. Their website provides a QR code that you scan with your phone so that the app is automatically downloaded. The best way to get started with the Grocery IQ app is to scan the bar codes of items that you frequently purchase, and add them to your Favorites. You can then organize those products under the different grocery categories. The categories in which your favorite products are placed can be arranged to help you keep track of where the different grocery products are located in the supermarket that you frequent. Since each grocery chain has their own grocery product aisle layouts, having this feature is handy. It makes it easy to order your lists and categories in the way that you would walk through the store. To find the product that you want at the most affordable price in the supermarket, all you have to do is enter the product quantity, package size, price, and the app will find what you want to buy.

grocery-iq-4Writing a grocery list with a pencil and pad of paper is no longer necessary when you use the Grocery IQ app. When you want to create a new grocery list, select the Lists tab, choose the store that you shop at to add the new products, and click the plus sign that appears at the upper right hand corner of your Android phone screen. You can maintain a separate list for every grocery store that you shop at. Some stores carry only specific items that you use when your regular supermarket does not. With this feature, you will never forget what you bought and from which store.

One of the best features of using the Grocery IQ app is the option to email and print coupons, to help you save even more money when you do your grocery shopping. You can send coupons to your email account for printing out on your computer by accessing the Coupons tab on the app, then selecting View Cart, then going to Email Coupons. Enter the email addresses you want to send the coupons to, and then the recipients can print out the coupons. You can also email your grocery lists and synchronize your lists on multiple mobile devices using only one account, which is convenient if more than one person in your family owns an Android phone. This is especially handy if your spouse or significant other does the grocery shopping while you make the lists of what needs to be purchased.

Grocery IQ for Android is owned by Coupons Inc., which began in 1998 and is based in Mountain View, California. The company has been a major leader in the electronic coupon industry and provides savings solutions for consumers across the nation, that includes not only grocery stores but also drugstores, restaurants, office supplies, home entertainment, pet care, and professional services.

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