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Living green just became easier with the GoodGuide Mobile app for Android phones and iPhones. Products which are safe for the environment, which do not consume too many natural resources, have gained in popularity over the past decade.  The GoodGuide mobile app will let you compare the greenest products so that you know you are buying the ones that are least harmful to the environment.

The best thing about this app is that it provides comprehensive information on each product that you buy. This app compares and rates food, cleaning, household goods, beauty, toys, and garden products; so that you know you are making environmentally smart purchasing decisions.  For example, if you are shopping for liquid soap, you will know which one has the highest rating for health, environment, and society. The GoodGuide Mobile app even compares cars in terms of fuel economy and emissions should you decide to buy a new car. Having this app on your Android or iPhone means that any time you go shopping, no matter what it is you need to buy, you have the right tool to help you “buy green.”

The GoodGuide Mobile app is trustworthy because the company uses scientific data to rate products in its database. The company maintains a transparency when providing information about green products to consumers.

The app can be downloaded onto your Android phone or iPhone through the Android Marketplace or Apple store. Once you have the app, you can


use it to scan the bar codes on your favorite green products to see how they rank, and find out which products may actually be even greener.

You can also create a personalized list of the products you want to buy, taking into account which ones will fit into your budget. You can save time by looking up the information on the products you want to purchase before you even go shopping, especially if you are a regular coupon user. Search by product type or name, and the GoodGuide Mobile app will pull up every product available in its database so that you can select the one you want. The app contains a substantial number of green products in its database, with information for over 120,000 items.  Individuals who are vegans or concerned with animal rights can also use a filter in the app that will show if any given product is animal friendly or not.

GoodGuide began in 2007 and is based in San Francisco, California. The company provides health and environmental information to consumers who want to live green lifestyles and become more educated about what they buy for personal use.  GoodGuide is made up of environmental scientists and sociologists who believe in educating the public on what products are safe for the environment, and extending a sustainable planet where natural resources are limited. GoodGuide works with leading data partners that include KLD Research, RiskMetrics, Innovest, and Asset4.

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