Going Green with Bar Code Printers


With the growing number of environmentally conscious companies, bar code printer manufacturers are creating green products to meet their needs. Bar code printing companies like K-Sun and Printronix recognize the growing green sector in business, and design printers to meet federal regulations by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. These bar code printers are ideal solutions for businesses that want to help preserve the environment without sacrificing performance. The K-Sun Green Machine and Printronix Energy Star T5000r bar code label printers meet the needs of green businesses across the globe.

The K-Sun Green Machine is a high quality, thermal, green bar code label printer made from recycled materials. It saves energy by using an automatic shut-off timer when the printer is not in use. K-Sun has three different packages that are tailored to suit different bar code printing needs:

  • The 2020LSTB is the basic printer package.

  • The 2020LSTB-PC package comes with label printing software and is PC compatible.

  • The 2020LSTB-PCD package includes three tape cartridges (the other packages contain one).

The tape cartridges in the K-Sun Green Machine are made from a combination of equal parts recycled and new plastic. The printer is also PC compatible and has a cutter that will cut of the printed labels and automatically round the corners of each label for a professional look. The K-Sun Green Machine can print up to six different bar code fonts, can interpret over 1000 symbols and print graphic designs on the bar code labels. A battery power pack can also be purchased separately for the Green Machine as a backup replacement.

energy_starPrintronix offers a green bar code label printer called Energy Star T5000r. This thermal bar code printer has 64 MB of SDRAM memory for bar code creation, a vent-less system that will operate well in manufacturing environments where airborne particles are present, and RFID smart labels which can be used for both bar code and RFID printing purposes. There is also an online data validation feature available that can be used to make sure each bar code label is scannable. This feature saves time and money for any company that needs to print a large quantity of bar code labels. Energy Star T5000r can be hooked up as a wireless connection and also has an optional coax/twinax host interface for computers that use a data interface with this transmission frequency.

(Photos courtesy of K-Sun and Printronix.)






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