Marketing With Mobile Barcodes: Best Practices White Paper

QRcodereaderMobileBarcodeUsing mobile barcodes as a part of a targeted campaign can provide vastly differing results, much like other marketing campaigns. Consumer demographics like age, and degree of technology adoption, mean a lot when considering how well a customer base will respond.

While consumers in the United States lag behind other countries, most notably Japan, in the awareness or recognition of two-dimensional barcodes, awareness increases significantly in the 18-34 age group. Furthermore, unless the individual carries a phone which includes advanced mobile web browser processing and an integrated auto-focus camera, attempting to scan these codes will result in a poor user experience. That's why smart phone owners are the primary target of a mobile barcode campaign.

Considering these realities, it's important that businesses have carefully defined goals and a specific audience in mind before beginning a mobile marketing campaign. As a helpful tool, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) created a best practices report with plenty of useful tips for marketers who are considering the use of mobile barcodes to engage customers.

"The use of mobile barcodes as a mass-market medium for consumer engagement is increasingly prevalent, but not every marketer is well versed in the great potential it represents," said Alberto Benbunan, Founder and Managing Director of Mobile Dreams Factory and Co-chair of the Mobile Barcode Task Force. "This white paper is intended for marketers who are beginning or refining their mobile barcode consumer activation journey to learn how to best make it work for their mobile campaigns."

While many types of traditional media can be static and unengaging, deploying mobile barcodes on product packaging, print ads, billboards, and even broadcast TV can change the experience for consumers.

But marketers have to choose from a dizzying array of two-dimensional mobile barcodes and also decide whether to use open source (like Datamatrix or QR codes) versus proprietary (think Microsoft tags) technology. These decisions require an in depth knowledge of the different available options.

This report covers in detail the various types and formats of mobile barcodes while also showing examples from existing campaigns. It discusses many common stumbling blocks when integrating mobile barcodes, and some of the technical requirements for creating highly readable and scannable codes. And you'll get some tips on measuring the success of your campaign.

You can download the white paper and find out how mobile barcodes can be integrated within your company's marketing strategy.

Access to the white paper requires entering your email address and some additional personal information.

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