QR Codes & Snap Tags Improve Mobile Shopping

Shop_the_Look_Snap_TagRecently, The BarCode News published a story regarding Glamour Magazine’s association with SpyderLynk, a leading marketing technology company.  Glamour dedicated an entire issue to a “Friends and Fans” mobile marketing campaign by utilizing SpyderLynk’s version of 2D codes called Social Snap Tags. Throughout this campaign they found that mobile marketing paid off.  After offering $85,000 in deals in one single magazine issue, the advertisers reported 50,000 new followers, with conversion rates ranging between 71% to 85%.

Snap Tags, which are somewhat similar to QR Codes, provide businesses the ability to form customer interaction. But unlike QR codes, Snap Tags users do not need a smartphone to participate; any camera phone will work. Furthermore, the presentation of Snap Tags differ greatly from QR Codes. Instead of a small square derived of squiggly lines, Snap Tags have been developed to improve brandability, creating an enhanced presence. Snap Tags also work with users on multiple platforms and helps to boost social marketing campaigns.

Now SpyderLynk has announced that they will again be working side by side with Glamour and Glamour’s client L’Oreal USA.  On February 6th, 2012, they announced the launch of Snap-to-Buy technology, to be deployed during NYC Fashion Week. Being the first to introduce this type of technology using 2D codes, SpyderLynk is striving to connect the consumer to not only social media outlets, but to actual on-the-spot completed mobile purchases.

Snap-to-Buy is transforming the consumer’s shopping experience by offering consumers the ability to snap or scan “Buy it Now” or “Shop the Look” Snap Tags. When consumers take advantage of these tags, typically found in advertisements, they can literally complete a purchase from a single mobile platform.  Once users enter their credit card information into a fully-encrypted “mobile wallet,” purchases can be made with a single click without hassling with passwords and logins.

Marc Speichert, Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oreal USA, stated “We’re excited about the launch of Snap-to-Buy giving consumers easy access to purchase our products.  Snap-to-Buy completes the mobile engagement puzzle for our brands, representing the merging of advertising and m-commerce.”

QRcode_barcode.comURLAlthough SpyderLynk is the initial company to launch first-to-market mobile commerce solutions, there are a couple other notable companies that have explored similar ideas, but instead, using QR code-based shopping.  Sears and Kmart have designed a “Mobile Shopping Wall” and have positioned them in numerous high-traffic areas such as malls and bus shelters. The walls feature advertisements for the top toys along with QR codes for each item. Consumers can scan the QR codes and make purchases directly from their smartphone.

Whether it is SpyderLynk’s Snap Tag or QR codes that are being utilized, it is fair to say that mobile purchasing will most likely become more prevalent in the future. Consumers want the ability to shop on the go and these new advances allow for that.  Saving time is a consideration appreciated by consumers and give companies the ability to create customer loyalty.

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