Fast and Easy Barcode Generator Apps

barcode generator appsMore and more barcode generator apps are coming out every day. From the simple text encoders to the more complex apps that have advanced features, barcode generators have really come a long way.

Some generator apps allow you to create bar codes of multiple sizes, types, colors and file types. Others have analytics so you can track usage of the bar code. With many different barcode generator apps to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one to pick.

The features that people want most are ease of use and speed. Ease of use is important to people so they can use an app intuitively and not need an instruction manual to use the app. Speed is also an important feature especially when it comes to sharing bar codes with friends.

Here are a few of the most popular barcode generators apps, chosen for their ease of use and speed.

QR Pro by Popular Download is a free easy to use barcode generator app that lets you create multiple types of data. You can create a bar code from your contacts, emails, geolocation, SMS message, bookmarks, calendar events, browser history, clipboard text or from any of your phone's applications. You can also manually input text, ISBN number of books or product UPC codes. You can easily share the generated bar codes with your friends and family via email.

QR_Pro_2 barcode generatorQR_Pro_barcode generator

QR Code Generation by Equasoft is another free easy to use barcode generator app. It lets you instantly share your generated bar codes. It also allows for more data to be stored in the QR code. It also allows you to easily add and delete data. You can easily share contact information with your friends through email, or text. If you want to share data with somebody who does not have a QR code reader on their phone, the app also allows you to send an email with all the information you want to share. Aside from being a barcode generator, it can also read and decode QR codes.

QR_Code_Generation_2_barcode generator appQR_Code_Generation_barcode generator app

QRCodePro by FineApps Solutions is an easy to use paid barcode generator app at $0.99. They also have a free version called QRCodeLite. QRCodePro lets you encode information such as contacts and URL. It also allows you to enter text manually. The QR code can be saved in JPEG format to an external memory card. You can send the information through email, SMS or bluetooth. You can also share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

QRCodePro barcode generator appQRCodePro_1 barcode generator app



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