Bluetooth Barcode Scanners for iPad

ipad_scannerCombining the forces of two powerful and cutting-edge technologies, Bluetooth wireless link and Apple's ubiquitous iPad, several companies have created excellent solutions for business and consumer barcode scanning needs.

One company offering Bluetooth barcode scanning solutions for the iPad is, which offers easy-to-install Bluetooth connectivity for barcode scanners and iPads or iPhones. A unique feature of's WiSnap scanner offers is the capability to use the iPad's onscreen keyboard while scanning barcodes to make data entry easier and more efficient. Barcode scanning is a snap with this wireless technology.'s Mobile Grid iPad app is available in the App Store and works seamlessly with its barcode scanning devices, like the Scanfob® 2002 wireless laser barcode scanner. also offers Bluetooth wireless barcode scanning for RFID.

Another application that works well with the Scanfob® 2002 Bluetooth wireless scanner is FileMakerGo, a product of FileMaker, Inc. FileMaker Go is available for iPhone and iPad and  together with the Scanfob® 2002 barcode scanner it offers business-grade mobile scanning scanning solution. Barcode scanning is quick and easy with the Bluetooth barcode scanner, and pairing it with the FileMaker Go app allows businesses to customize the scanned data and keep it organized and available for hundreds of different purposes. Inventory, shipping, attendance, security, and many other business functions are streamlined and simplified with Bluetooth barcode scanning technology paired with the iPad. The medical, government, education, shipping, manufacturing, and retail industries are only a few of the many different sectors that can benefit from Bluetooth barcode scanners. One company to implement mobile solutions using FileMaker Go, is ZeroBlue Technology Solutions, who also sells a variety of Bluetooth scanners many of which are compatible with FileMaker Go.

Socket Mobile is also a player in the Bluetooth barcode scanning industry, and its product line has recently been expanded to include a new entry to the barcode scanning market: the Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner. Most notable about this new entry to the Bluetooth barcode scanning market for iPads is its low cost relative to comparable solutions. Samantha Chu, data collection product manager at Socket Mobile, says the company wanted to reach an entirely new and untapped sector of the Bluetooth barcode scanner for iPad market: small- to medium-sized businesses that are seeking low-cost solutions that pack a powerful technology punch. Chu states: "We have many current and potential customers whose business needs only require a low-cost 1D barcode scanner, and we wanted to address this market segment with a practical and affordable unit that gets the job done while providing a quick and noticeable ROI." By tapping into this entirely new sector and offering low-cost Bluetooth barcode scanning technology, Socket Mobile is helping spread the technology to new businesses and consumers and will hopefully help bring the cost down industry-wide.

Socket Mobile is also expanding in the Bluetooth barcode scanning solutions market for iPad by partnering with another company, iPad Enclosures, to offer durable, secure mounting systems for iPads that allow Bluetooth barcode scanning to be taken in an entirely new direction. iPad Enclosures' mounting systems are tamper-proof and very secure; they also protect the iPad from damage by repeated use by multiple employees or consumers. Pairing the durable mounting, protection, and security solutions for the iPad offered by iPad Enclosures and the ease-of-use of Socket Mobile's Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner makes the iPad/Bluetooth barcode scanning pairing available for many more uses than had previously existed. 

Mounting the iPad safely and securely means businesses can allow customers to interact with their products in an entirely new way. Using the iPad as a customer kiosk gives customers an interactive experience that engages them at the hands-on level.  And for warehouse, shipping, and inventory needs, the pairing of a durable iPad Enclosure and a low-cost Bluetooth barcode scanner saves valuable time when finding and preparing products for shipping or transfer. Employees can take advantage of the easy-to-use iPad, kept safe in its durable case from iPad Enclosures while scanning and retrieving inventory with the Bluetooth barcode scanner from Socket Mobile. 

The Bluetooth barcode scanning products from Socket Mobile, Zero Blue Technology Solutions, and are only a few of the Bluetooth barcode scanning solutions for iPad and iPhone that are now on the market. For medical, government, security, warehouse, retail, and many other sectors, Bluetooth barcode scanners allow businesses and individuals to increase organization and efficiency while taking inventory solutions to the next level.

*Scanfob® is a registered trademark of Serialio, LLC.

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