Tag of the Week: Optical Illusion Tag



One of the most satisfying aspects of my Tag design is being able to create something that no one has ever seen before.

This optical illusion is such a first and can be unlocked by smart phones to view the video “The Best Optical Illusions Ever.”

More than anything I consider myself an artist, so in rare cases I may create a Tag such as this that may not scan on an iPhone, and for that I apologize.

This Tag has received so many comments, though, that I am compelled to share it with the one billion smart phone owners that can scan and fully experience the world's first 2D Tag optical illusion.

Caution: May cause extreme 2D experience!

Check out more custom Tags by daCosta at www.extreme2d.com

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The Bar Code News is proud to feature creative and artistic uses of bar codes.  Other bar code artists interested in sharing their work may contact us here.

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The above artwork was designed by Bret daCosta.   You can see more of his work at http://www.2dartcode.com/  

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