Microsoft Tag: Beautiful Connections

Microsoft Tag - Beautiful ConnectI love my Smartphone and take it everywhere I go. It has been the greatest tool that I have ever owned and is so versatile that I would need a large suitcase to carry the instruments and devices that are packed into this modern day marvel.

Like a tool, by working with it, I find better and more efficient ways to use it on almost a daily basis. The one thing that has been a bit of a hassle is accessing the Internet through my browser. Typing in a www. or http/ is not as easy as using the keyboard on my desk or laptop computer.

I have found the 2D bar code is a more efficient method of connecting to content with my smartphone. No need to open my browser and type anything, I simply point my phone and instantly connect to the digital world.

QR codes are of course the main vehicle that makes this possible. When I see a QR code I will scan it as I am a junkie for this type of technology but I often think they are quite ugly and have very little appeal to the average consumer.

Even in its basic form, the Microsoft Tag is a much prettier 2D bar code, but it still is something that is not very intriguing and does not tempt the average person to go out of their way to discover the content behind it.

As you may know I have been working with the Tag for quite sometime and have developed certain techniques that allow me to create something that is beautiful and functional. It is my belief that art can bridge the gap between people and digital content without ever typing a www. or http:/.

I designed this Tag and believe it to be the most beautiful 2D bar code that I have ever made. Please use your Microsoft Tag Reader to discover how easy it is to connect to the Internet with your smartphone or tablet.

Custom Microsoft Tags by daCosta are undoubtedly our planets most beautiful way to connect to the digital world.

Use the Tag Reader app to read 2D Logo Tags by daCosta.

The Bar Code News is proud to feature creative and artistic uses of bar codes.  Other bar code artists interested in sharing their work may contact us here.

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