QR Codes Drive Real-time Customer Feedback

customer feedback tooEver filled out a comment card at a local restaurant or service business? It seems like a good idea for both you and the business owner. After all, you get to have your say, and the owner or manager gets customer feedback on how things are going. But it can be a hassle on both ends.

A quote from the Gartner Group says it best, "One reason much customer feedback is not acted on is that the process of making it actionable is often unnecessarily complicated."

First the business has to decide what questions to ask customers, then print physical comment cards, and make sure the cards are available for customers. When (and if) a customer leaves comments, staff now has another job, collating the results, turning the positive comments into useful testimonials, and responding to problems. And since the survey results are not available until long after the fact, many owners and managers don't really know how to follow up.

On the customer side, motivation is often lacking. A lot of customer feedback tends to be negative, and while satisfied customers may offer praise, sometimes they are in too much of a hurry to put those kind words on paper.

For many reasons businesses don't succeed in collecting customer feedback, not the least because the process has too many steps and too many moving parts.

That's why many businesses are turning to mobile solutions for customer feedback, in hopes of capturing the fleeting attention of their guests. One strategy that's gaining plenty of traction with business owners employs QR codes (two dimensional bar codes) as the gateway to an effective customer feedback program.

A Free Customer Feedback Tool Using QR Codes
customer feedback
One entry in this market is Feedback Revolution QR, a free service that offers businesses of all sizes the tools to collect almost immediate customer feedback without much effort. Here's how it works.

New users must first create an account, but the company website (which says the service is currently in beta) promises the signup process takes just a few minutes. Once you've registered, your business receives a unique QR code that's ready for customers to scan.

When scanned with a smart phone, this two-dimensional bar code takes customers directly to a brief survey with just a few questions about their recent experience with your company. And once they're done, you get the results right away. Survey results can also be accessed via mobile devices.

Finding effective strategies to measure customer satisfaction hasn't always been easy in the past, but QR codes show plenty of promise.

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