Lead App for Tradeshows: Use Your Phone or Tablet for Lead Retrieval

iStock_000016454801XSmallLead retrieval has been a part of events, conferences and tradeshows for decades. Lead Retrieval Scanners can be found in many exhibition booths, as they are an easy and quick way to retrieve sales leads from prospect clients. But lately, with the emerging trend of smartphones, vendors came up with a new idea: Why can’t my smartphone be the scanner? Several companies now offering implementations of that idea. What is common to all of them: They are all making the dedicated scanner a thing of the past.

One prominent player in the field of mobile lead retrieval, is Androlead.com . With free application versions for both Android phones and tablets (hence the name), iPhone and iPad, (Blackberry and Windows 7 coming soon), Androlead is a complete system. Here is how it works:

tradeshow lead app_Androlead

The main table of conference attendees is stored in the cloud-based database. The event organizers have full control over that list, and they can append people at any time, manually or automatically.

The exhibitors install the free lead app on their own smartphone, purchase a license for the specific event, either from the Androlead website, or from the event organizer, and “activate” the application.

At the booth (or bar, or restaurant, in sessions, or anywhere else!), the exhibitors/sales people can scan badges using their smartphones and the lead app. The process is very easy and quick, and they can customize it with qualifiers and notes. Internet access is not required for scanning badges. The information is stored in the phone.

At the end of the day, or whenever they want, the exhibitors upload their scans to the server (a one click process). Then they immediately get the full details of the people that have been scanned.

While other solutions takes some programming and integration, the Androlead solution works out of the box, hence can be used not only by large corporations, but also by smaller event organizers. Integration is possible, but definitely not a must.

The best barcode type to use with Androlead (as with any other mobile appa) is the QR Code, as it is fast to read, reliable, and can hold a large amount of information. But other types of barcode, like Code 39, Code 128, etc. are acceptable as well.

The advantages of a lead app for the exhibitor are many:

  1. No need to stand in long lines to get your scanner, no need to return them.

  2. No need to learn how to use those rather funky devices. Use your own phone, it’s so easy!

  3. No need to use bulky printers with thermal paper… it’s all in your email.

  4. Set the Qualifiers to suit your needs, yourself, in your device. Write free notes about any person you scan.

There are also clear advantages of a lead app to the event organizer:

  1. No need to secure and order the devices ahead of time.

  2. No need to guess how many units will be needed, for shipment.

  3. No need to ship, rent, and return hundreds of devices and printers, with their chargers… The exhibitors will bring their own phones or tablets, it is so much easier!

  4. No need to set up lead retrieval stations for lending and collecting the units. Everything is done in the website, and users get their instructions, activation codes, and support – from Androlead staff. That is saving you money on labor, travel, and accommodation.

To conclude: Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are the clear future of lead retrieval in events, conferences, and trade-shows. Androlead provides a solid, comprehensive, cloud-based solution. Try it on your coming event.

For more information: www.androlead.com

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