How QR Codes Help Businesses Go Green

go green with qr codesReduce. Recycle. Reuse. These three words often serve as the catch phrase for many community recycling programs. But when businesses decide to go green, because of their size, they often have a greater ability to affect the environment. And that's where QR codes are playing a bigger part.

Business initiatives to save energy and reduce consumption are nothing new. For quite some time companies large and small have looked for ways to use fewer resources without affecting daily operations or overall profit.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, many companies are gravitating toward QR codes as a way of providing information and resources for both employees and customers without a lot of unneeded paper or packaging. Here are a few strategies coming to the forefront in the business community.

Optimizing packaging materials

As anyone who's made a consumer electronics purchase knows, buying almost any type of electronic gizmo means plenty of manuals and user guides. Often printed in multiple languages and in very small type, most of this information ends up unused and wasted by the average consumer.

That's why many people working in the world of product packaging are turning to QR codes to achieve a variety of goals.

For example, one sheet of paper - featuring multiple QR codes - can replace hundreds of pages. Instead of printing how-to manuals and user guides and including them with the purchased product, consumers use the camera on their mobile device to scan the 2D codes and access needed information online.

Access up-to-date information from anywhere

Companies who send technicians, salesmen, and specialists out into the community, providing field installations, repairs, and other services, have begun to see the value of using QR codes for their employees and contractors. Instead of providing multiple binders full of data for each worker, technicians can now access just about any database using just a smartphone.

That means field manuals are always up to date and pages don't have to be thrown away or reordered. Salespeople don't have to carry large catalogs, and their companies save on printing costs.

And with the advent of so-called "managed QR codes," it's easy to change the URL the code points to. Need to switch out the content without reprinting the QR code? No problem. And you'll also have access to web analytics, gaining the ability to track when and where (and by who) your content is accessed.

It's easy to go green when you have QR codes as part of your strategy.

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