Mobile Device for ID Verification

 idscan1  A new mobile device offered by is capable of doing age and identify verification instantly.   This very cool item will work well in dozens of different industries and could be a real time and money saver.  Some applications include retail liquor, bars and nightclubs (can be used at the door, or even out on a line where people are waiting to get in),  retail gun stores, tobacco sales or any other age restricted product.   It can identify fake IDs, the repeated use of the same ID, and can save the data to prove due diligence on the part of the business operator.

    The handheld unit is already in use at dozens of major businesses including a number of brand name casinos.   The unit can also collect demographic information, and identify special customers including those you may want to either reward, or refuse.

    A simple video demonstrates how fast and easy the product is to use. Click on the image on the left to see the YouTube version. 


    Visit the company website at






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