Barcode App Helps the Visually Impaired

barcode for the blind What if you couldn't tell what was in a can of food, because you could not see colors, logos or text?    A new app, currently available on the iPhone, is helping visually impaired people read bar codes.  You might be wondering why is this relevant, or why a blind person needs to read barcodes - the answer will surprise you!   
 This app by Digit-Eyes will scan the barcode and tell you out loud what product it is that you are holding.  Many cans or bottles with radically different products are all the same size.
 For example, a can of Campbells soup, is close to the size of a can of dog food.  A can of water chestnuts is very close to the size of a can of cat food.  A bottle of balsamic is similar to a bottle of olive oil.  This app will read the UPC code, look up the contents and read them out loud to you. 
blind versus sighted barcode reading
This app works for clothing as well!   
   A person who is visually impaired, or color blind can use the app to create labels for clothing. Are the socks gray, or black? They came out of the wash and how do you match them up if you can't differentiate.  Digit-Eyes offers washable labels that their app will scan and identify the color of the garment.  
   The technology has a valuable use for medications too. blind pharmacy Web Many pill bottles look and feel alike.  An individual picking up several pill bottles at the pharmacy could place a QR code label (available from Digit-Eyes)  on the bottom of each pill bottle (as caps could be interchanged) and use the app software to have the pharmacist quickly and easily record the instructions for taking each.  
   The company also offers QR code playing cards (just remember to use an earphone.)
qr code playing cards
   The app is just $19.95 and is available in ten languages.  Please share this article with your friends and co-workers....someone may benefit! 
Digit-Eyes is developed and marketed by a team that consists of both unsighted and sighted individuals. We understand, all too well, that being visually impaired is inconvenient. We are of the opinion that it should not also be expensive.
We aspire to deliver products that are: Easy to use without sighted assistance, Portable and convenient to have at hand,Robustand to do so at a price point radically below that of competing products. 

Our intention in developing Digit-Eyes was to create an outstanding software solution to a common problem experienced by the visually-impaired: labeling and understanding the content of labels.  Digit-Eyes was completed with the invaluable assistance of a multinational team of 40 low-vision and blind beta testers who served as our stakeholders.

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Barcode App Helps the Visually Impaired

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