Bar Code Super Hero Emerges

barcode super heroAC Labels Ltd, leading UK based supplier of pre printed barcode labels and tags needed a "gimic" for a recent printing and packaging exhibition at National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

"We wanted to get people onto our stand like everyone else but wanted to try to get across that we are principly barcode label printers" said business development manager Jason Woodhouse, 
"we came up with the idea of creating a completely scannable barcode suit combining linear and 2D barcodes. It got a lot of attention with people scanning the QR code on the back of the suit and checking out our website link.
It took a lot of preparation as we could not buy an off the shelf barcoded material. We ended up having to hand spray each code using pre cut templates of actual readable barcodes generated on our inline barcode press."barcode hero2
He added  "The suit was fully scannable, if you could find a wide enough reader. We manufacture pre barcoded labels for many industries in UK and Europe, Warehousing, Document Storage and Records Management, Courier and Logistics and Retail Solutions. Our inline barcode verification system helps to ensure non duplication of data and 100% readability throughout the print run giving our end users peace of mind"  
barcode hero4Peter Hartshorn General Manager said "I thought the idea was crazy at first, but it got lots of attention and people were calling him 'barcode boy' by the end of the 3 day event, maybe we may see barcode boy popping up at an event near you in the future?"
barcode hero3
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Editors note:  We hope to see Barcode Boy make an appearance here in the US soon.
(Any chance I can borrow that costume for Halloween? )

About AC Labels Ltd.

AC Labels traces its roots back to 1985, as the supplier of choice for medium to high volume variable data barcode label & sticker production for discerning clients. It holds a full UKAS certified ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for label printing. AC Labels was acquired by The Mercian Labels Group in 2010 and now operates from a new factory in Derby in the heart of the UK.