Top Ten Barcode Stories of 2013

TopTenBelow are ten of our most popular articles on from 2013. The most popular articles have been posted longer, and have thus gotten more hits, but it's a pretty good representation and we think you'll enjoy the content. 10. ShopSavvy Rocking and Rolling with over 100 million downloads

A ShopSavvy founder discusses their mobile app and what makes it a success. Read about their current and future challenges and see what's in store for ShopSavvy.

9. Bar Code Vendor Produces Rap Video as Marketing Tool

Electronic Imaging Materials (EIM) produces a rap video about bar codes. Watch the video and read about EIM in this article.

8. QR Code Marketing - An Interview with Mike Wehrs CEO of Scanbuy

What makes a successful QR code campaign? Are QR codes on their way out? The CEO of Scanbuy explains what goes into a successful QR code campaign and gives insight into how Scanbuy works.

7. Bar Codes and Packaging

This article lays out several things to consider when designing a bar code to place on packaging. Get it right the first time.

6. Bar Code Quiet Zones Illustrated and Explained

What are bar code quiet zones? Read about them here, and see several examples illustrating proper quiet zones.

5. Neomedia Signs Kraft, others to license patents

This article explores the sustainabilty of Neomedia's approach of negotiating licensing agreements. Read about how patent battles can ruin reputations and business relationships.

4. The Internet Of Things (IoT) - The Fundamentals

The bold force of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is discussed here. Read about what characterizes these movements and why they are important.

3. Heinz Ketchup Thanks Veterans with QR Codes

This article details an exceptional example of a QR code campaign: Heinz’s campaign to thank veterans and support The Wounded Warrior Project. Find out what makes this campaign a success.

2. Why QR Code Campaigns Are Failing

This article explores why QR code campaigns fail: it is most often because of lack of value, or the perceived lack of value, fesulting from scanning the code. Read some suggestions on how to make your campaign more compelling.

1. How Do You Test a Bar Code?

Our most read article explains that bar codes are important, and just as important is the need to test them. Learn how to test your bar codes with these pointers on what to do and not to do.


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