RFID Smart Shelves Deliver Valuable Data on Retail Shoppers

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Convergence Systems Limited (CSL), a global provider of passive RFID products and active RTLS equipment, announced that an innovative retail application of CSL RFID hardware has successfully reduced inventory time and increased sales for ISA Boutique, Hong Kong’s famous chain of boutique brand-name stores.   

The RFID Jewelry Smart Shelve solution was developed by Alpha Solution Limited to enable real-time inventory management and provide usable data on retail shopper behavior and preferences. ISA Boutique has been using the system since September 2012 in their flagship Hankow Road store, and the company will install the system in a new store set to open in the second half of this year.

Alpha Solution deploys the Smart Shelve solution by installing one CS468 16-Port RFID reader that drives up to sixteen CS790 ultra-thin RFID antennas inside various display cases for the lowest cost solution.  The traditional price sticker on each item is then replaced with an instant-read RFID tag. The Smart Shelve automatically scans the RFID tagged items for instant inventory tracking and customer behavior monitoring.

The system automatically records the number of goods per smart shelve in real-time, as well as csl rfid antennagathering data about which items are picked up frequently to gauge consumer interest for more complete market demand analysis. For example, if an item is being picked up frequently but is not selling, one can assume the item is priced too high.

To date, ISA Boutique has used the RFID Jewelry Smart Shelve solution to track jewelry and eyewear products, and plans are underway to expand the system to include watches and other fashion items. Using the consumer behavior data obtained by the system, the retailer adjusts purchase decisions and creates discount social media promotions for the items that are not selling quickly.

“Our RFID Jewelry Smart Shelve solution is able to monitor retail shopper behavior and provide valuable, statistical data that cannot be accurately gathered by store personnel alone,” said Tafe Tsa, director of Alpha Solution. “The CSL CS468 UHF RFID reader offers one of the fastest speeds on the market, and the CS790 antenna is small and flexible enough to use in jewelry display cases and cabinets.”

In addition to providing market analysis and insight into customer tastes, real-time inventory data enabled by the Smart Shelve solution helps to improve security and ensures that sufficient merchandise is in stock, while reducing manpower and related costs. And with easy-to-use synchronous reporting on computers, tablets and smart phones, the RFID Jewelry Smart Shelve solution is a convenient tool for complete asset tracking and inventory management.

“The Alpha Solution’ Smart Shelve solution allows retailers to gather enhanced market analysis and reap the full benefits of customer relationship management,” said Jerry Garrett, managing director, Convergence Systems Limited.  “ISA Boutique began to see return on their investment right away as jewelry sales increased and the time needed to take inventory was reduced by 70 percent.”


About CSL

Founded in 2000, Convergence Systems Limited is a leading design engineering company and provider of radio frequency ID (RFID) tags, readers, antennas, modules and custom RFID hardware. CSL is unique in providing both passive Electronic Product Code™ (EPC) Gen 2 RFID products, as well as a full line of active RTLS RFID products. CSL delivers a broad portfolio of RFID hardware for logistics management, supply chain, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, access control,  transportation and retail industries around the world. A member of standards organization EPCglobal, CSL is headquartered in Hong Kong with a global distribution channel. For more information, visit www.CSL-RFID.com.


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